Do you have problems with interrupted transmissions? Check possible solutions!


You have often complained recently about interrupted and blocked transmissions, which have prevented you from selling in your boutiques. In Selmo, we have found few ways to solve this problem! Read on to find out what you can do in this situation.


Method 1: Switch into the classic interface

To be able to live stream without being blocked again, you need to switch the view of your fanpage to the old Facebook interface. This method usually helps to solve the problem of interrupted transmissions.

You can do it as follows:

1. Go to your Facebook page profile



2. In the menu beside Edit Page, click the icon with three dots and select Switch to Classic Pages

3. Follow the instructions by clicking Continue. In the final step, click Switch

Note: After switching to the classic interface, your posts from the last few weeks will be hidden. Despite this inconvenience, this method has helped the largest number of our customers. If you sell a lot in posts, we encourage you to read about the other two methods described below or re-add these products even on Instagram - read more about this feature below 🙂.

Method 2: Check alerts and bans in your account

It's very common for Facebook Pages to get alerts they know nothing about. It's worth checking if this situation applies to your page.

What should you do?

1. Open Facebook, click on your photo and select the profile of the Facebook page you manage.
2. Click on the following link: will see a list of alerts and their statuses. If any of them appears as "open", click on it.
3. Having selected a given case, you can see its details. There you can find all information from the help desk, along with the reasons for the bans imposed on your account. Select "View Details" and click "Continue".

4. The message “What do you want to do?” will appear. For our part, we recommend that you accept the changes, thanks to which the case will receive the resolved status.

If it turns out that you actually have messages about violations and imposed bans, we additionally recommend that you appeal against the decision, along with information that you disagree with the message.

The reason for imposing bans may be a violation of the community regulations, the fact that the content of your post in groups has been recognised as spam, or you don’t have the copyright to the music using during live streams. It is worth paying attention to this so that the situation will never re-occur in the future.

Alternative method: Connect Instagram to Selmo

As an alternative, we also recommend our latest Instagram integration. There are no bans there, so we have introduced this feature to give you more freedom to operate. If you are streaming live simultaneously on two platforms and your streaming is interrupted on Facebook, you can continue streaming on Instagram. This is a solution that's already been tested, so we really recommend it!

You don't have to create a new account or learn additional functions; everything works the same as before on Facebook. What's more, adding a new platform is totally free. If you launch it in Selmo, you pay nothing for it. It’s included in the price of your current plan! Do you want to try it? Learn more here.


We encourage you to try each of the methods we have described and minimise the risk of restrictions imposed in the future. 


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