Live - commerce

Live commerce - what is it?

Live commerce, also known as live sales broadcasts, are shopping transactions during which sellers show products, describe their features, answer viewers' questions and encourage purchases directly during the broadcast.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, are often used to conduct live sales broadcasts, enabling sellers to reach more people and build an engaged community.

Why is live shopping so popular?

Live commerce is becoming increasingly popular because it combines the advantages of traditional in-store shopping with the convenience and ease of online shopping. It gives customers the opportunity to thoroughly view and obtain information about products, while allowing direct interaction with the seller and with other viewers.

What is driving the increased interest in live commerce?

Live commerce is a combination of expert knowledge and trust. On the one hand, the person conducting the live broadcast should be an expert in the field of the offered product, able to answer the most unusual questions. On the other hand, the message is aimed directly at each person attending the live commerce event. Direct contact with potential customers builds a more personal relationship, plus it gives them the opportunity to ask questions about every detail and receive immediate answers, which is difficult to achieve in other sales channels.

How to start selling and start your live shopping?

The most important thing is to have a camera and enough courage to stand in front of it. The key is to match the type of live shopping with the product being sold. In small businesses, the owner himself can act as a presenter, or he can ask someone to try on live dresses, for example, creating a friendly atmosphere. Hiring influencers, especially those well associated with the stream topic, can also be a good step. Regardless of the size of your budget, live shopping brings tangible benefits, so it's a great solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Today in Poland, live shopping tools are offered by Facebook and Instagram, so it's necessary to have a profile on one or both of these platforms and to integrate your store with the corresponding Facebook directory. You can also conduct live shopping using our innovative sales platform -, which enables live broadcasts, increasing the reach of the broadcasts.

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