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A tool that saves time
As one of the first clients, we had the opportunity to cooperate in the creation of Selmo. Many system functions are the answer to our own needs. Thanks to this, we were able to match Selmo for stores like our own. It is above all a tool that saves a lot of time!
Butik Koti
Butik Koti
Solutions that make work easier
At Selmo, there are plenty of well-thought-out solutions that have made our daily work easier. Fast and hassle-free customer service. Another plus is the price! It cost us more to buy Microsoft Office.
Butik Koti
One-click Summaries
At some point, we began to wonder how to quickly respond to customers and how to efficiently send summaries. Then Selmo appeared, they implemented the whole system and helped us a lot in development. Today, we cannot imagine functioning without summaries that are sent in a few seconds, previously it took us even several hours!
Butik Koti
Shop Bazzar
We can run more live selling
Selmo has streamlined work across the company! Post-transmission summaries and package shipments take much less time. This allows us to stream more often.
Butik Koti
Nasza Bajka
We save 60 hours a week
Fast label creation saves 5 minutes on each package. Automatic invoices mean nearly 20 minutes of extra time a day. And all this means that during the year, we gain an extra month of time!
Butik Koti
Fajny Łaszek
Reach increased and sales increased
We send over 250 orders a week. Our clients receive summaries no later than 3 minutes after the end of the relationship, and notifications as soon as it starts. We save about 50-60 hours of work per month thanks to Selmo.
Butik Koti
Tanio u Polki
I stopped writing orders in a notebook
A great tool for collecting orders for goods that I will be bringing for clients. It makes it easier for me to send orders to wholesalers, because it is enough to filter a given model, size and color depending on what I am collecting orders for.
Butik Koti
Ciuszki dla Pań
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