Selmo: Live Streaming Programs on FB: Conquer Audiences in Real Time


Selmo: Live Streaming Programs on FB: Conquer Audiences in Real Time

Today, live broadcasts on Facebook (FB) are becoming an increasingly popular tool for brands, influencers and entrepreneurs to engage their audiences. However, to make live broadcasts even more effective and professional, it is essential to use the right tools. In this context, live streaming apps and programs, such as Selmo, play a key role, offering a range of features to facilitate real-time streaming and interaction with viewers.


Purpose of Live Programs on FB

Live streaming programs, such as Selmo, significantly simplify the process of organizing live events on Facebook. They offer features such as broadcast scheduling, multi-platform streaming, advanced audience interaction tools, data analysis and much more. As a result, a live app on FB becomes an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to professionally and effectively reach their community.

How Selmo Changes the Game?

Selmo is not just another live app on FB. It's a comprehensive tool that allows you to not only broadcast live video, but also manage viewer interactions, automate sales processes and much more. With Selmo, users can focus on delivering valuable content while the app takes care of the rest.

Selmo Features to Facilitate Live Broadcasts

• Broadcast Scheduling: Selmo allows you to schedule live broadcasts so your watchers can receive advance notification of an upcoming event.

• Audience Interaction: Live chat, polling and audience survey tools make interactions seamless and engaging.

• Sales Automation: For sales broadcasts, Selmo offers features such as real-time order collection and management, a revolution in the e-commerce industry.

• Analytics and Reporting: Understanding your audience's behavior and preferences is key, and Selmo provides detailed analysis and reports on your broadcasts.

Benefits of Using Selmo for Broadcasts on FB

• Professionalism: Selmo improves the quality of your broadcasts, making them more professional and appealing to viewers.

• Increased Reach: With Selmo's features, your broadcasts can reach larger audiences through both scheduling and interaction optimization.

• Efficiency: Automating your sales and audience management processes allows you to focus on content delivery while Selmo takes care of the rest.

How to Get Started with Selmo?

Starting with Selmo is easy. All you need to do is register on the platform, configure your broadcast settings and start using the rich set of features offered by the Selmo system. Whether you're a brand, influencer or entrepreneur, Selmo provides you with the tools you need to boost your Facebook presence through live broadcasts.


The FB live software that is Selmo offers unparalleled opportunities for those who want to conquer their Facebook audience. With advanced features, professional live broadcasts and automated processes, Selmo is not just a tool, but a partner in developing your online presence. Take the challenge and discover how Selmo can transform the way you live stream, bringing you closer to your community and business goals.

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