Instagram apps: How does Selmo integrate IG features to boost sales?


Instagram Apps: How Selmo integrates IG features to boost sales?


Introduction: Instagram's potential for e-commerce

In the digital age, Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing platform, but has become a key tool in e-commerce, offering a variety of apps and features that can significantly increase sales. Selmo, as a platform that supports sales through social media, integrates these features in innovative ways to maximize the sales results of its users.

Selmo's integration with Instagram apps

1. Connection to IG Shopping:

Selmo connects directly to IG Shopping, allowing users to more efficiently manage their products and catalogs on Instagram. With this integration, all products can be easily tagged in posts and Stories, leading to direct purchases from within the Instagram app.

2. Communication automation:

With AI and automation features, Selmo enables automatic responses to customers' questions about products sent via Direct Messages (DMs) on Instagram. This automation helps maintain continuous and consistent communication, even during off-hours, which increases customer satisfaction and contributes to sales.

3. Analytics and optimization of activities:

Selmo offers advanced analytics tools that allow for detailed analysis of the effectiveness of posts and Stories. This information is key to optimizing content strategy and promotions, directly increasing engagement and conversions.

4. Order management:

Selmo integrates order management processes directly with Instagram, allowing merchants to easily track, process and update order statuses reported through the app. This makes every transaction smooth and less error-prone, which is important for customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Selmo integration with Instagram

• Increased engagement: Integration with IG Shopping and the ability to tag products in posts and Stories attracts more potential customers.

• Higher sales efficiency: Selmo's response automation and order management minimize the time it takes to convert interest to purchase.

• Improved data analysis: Access to detailed analytics allows for a better understanding of customer needs and behaviors to optimize offerings.

• Improved customer service: Responding quickly and automatically to customer inquiries increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to get started using Selmo for Instagram?

Start by signing up for Selmo and setting up an integration with your Instagram account to start using the platform's advanced features right away. Selmo also offers a free demo that allows you to understand all the functionality before full implementation.


Selmo harnesses the potential of the Instagram app to maximize online sales by integrating e-commerce features with advanced management and communication tools. This makes it possible for any seller, regardless of company size, to effectively increase their profits and optimize their sales processes on Instagram. Start using Selmo today to transform your social media sales approach.