Automate comments, stories, and direct messages on Instagram. How to do it?


In today's dynamic world of social media, an effective presence on Instagram requires managing a variety of aspects - from comments to stories and private messages. offers a solution that frees you from manual actions by enabling advanced automation of comments, stories and private messages.


Comment automation:

With, you can set up an automated comment response system. It's the perfect solution to keep you interacting with your observers. Personalize automatic replies to build stronger relationships with your community.

Automate Stories:

You can create a keyword, such as COURSE, and provide it on your stories. Your audience then enters that word in a comment under the post, in reels, on stories, in a DM, or during a live broadcast. Literally in seconds, they will receive your prepared message with a link that will take them to any page where they can, for example, purchase a course.

Automate private messages:

Manually managing private messages is very cumbersome, especially if you have a large profile on Instagram. In Selmo, you can set up automated message responses, so that, your recipients, will get instant responses, to their questions or comments. A key element of this solution is the ability to automatically send links to your shopping cart, any links, or collect your mailing list when certain keywords, for example "PURCHASE", are detected in comments or messages.


Benefits of Automation with

  1. Time Saving: automation saves you time, which you can devote to creative tasks related to growing your business.
  2. Consistency of Content: scheduling and publishing content automatically ensures consistency, which builds a professional image for your profile.
  3. Immediate responses: automatic responses allow you to respond immediately to interactions with your observers, resulting in better engagement and increased reach.
  4. Individualization of communication: with you customize automatic responses to the specifics of your community, making communication seem more personal. is the key to effective and intelligent automation of activities on Instagram. It allows you to build stronger relationships with your followers and focus on growing your online community creatively. Discover the potential of automation with today and start your free trial period 🚀.


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