How to use Selmo to sell live on Facebook and Instagram?


How to Use Selmo to Sell Live on Facebook and Instagram

Introduction to Live Shopping

Live shopping is not just a trend, but a permanent part of the ecommerce transformation that is gaining popularity due to its ability to create a deep connection between brands and their audiences. Using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for live sales opens up new opportunities for brands and online stores to engage customers in a unique and direct way.


Interactivity and engagement

One of the key benefits of live shopping is interactivity. Customers can ask questions, make comments and receive answers in real time, making the shopping experience more personal and engaging. This direct engagement helps build relationships between brands and customers, which is unattainable in traditional ecommerce.

Demonstrate a product in real time

Live broadcasts allow retailers to show products in action, demonstrating their features, benefits and uses in real time. This not only boosts customer confidence, but also allows for a better understanding of the product, which can increase sales.

Personalizing the offer

Live shopping allows for customization of the offer according to viewers' needs and preferences. Vendors can quickly respond to viewers' interests and questions by customizing product presentations and promotional offers, resulting in a more personalized shopping experience.

Increased conversions and sales

Real-time interaction and the ability to purchase directly during a live broadcast can significantly increase conversion rates. Viewers are more likely to make purchases under the influence of emotion and spontaneous decisions, which promotes increased sales.

Strengthen a brand's social media presence

Regular live broadcasts on platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram not only increase a brand's reach, but also build its social media presence. This allows companies to strengthen their position in the market, reaching new groups of customers and building loyalty among existing ones.

Using data and feedback

Live shopping also provides valuable data on customer preferences and behavior. Feedback and interactions during the broadcast can be used to further adjust sales and marketing strategies, allowing you to further understand your market and tailor your offerings to your audience's needs.

Selmo: Tool to Maximize the Potential of Live Shopping

Selmo, an innovative ecommerce tool, is a breakthrough in live shopping, offering live sellers on Facebook and Instagram advanced features to manage live sales. With Selmo, every Facebook Live broadcast becomes a powerful sales tool, enabling effective use of social commerce opportunities.

Improve the Live Shopping Experience with Selmo

Manage Live Broadcasts

Selmo makes it easy for sellers to live stream on Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to showcase products and interact with viewers in real time. With Selmo, live shopping becomes more interactive and engaging, which is crucial for social commerce success.

Automating the Order Process

Selmo's automation of the order process is a revolution in ecommerce, allowing for instant transaction processing during live shopping. Integration with Facebook Live and Instagram ensures a seamless transition from interest to purchase, significantly impacting social commerce conversions.

Enhancing Social Commerce through Social Media Integration

With Selmo, brands can effectively use Facebook Live and Instagram to drive live sales, reaching a wide audience and increasing their online visibility. Selmo opens up new possibilities for ecommerce by integrating social commerce features with live shopping dynamics.

Implement Selmo for Live Shopping Optimization

  1. Create an Account and Setup: Create an account on Selmo and customize the settings to meet the needs of your ecommerce business.
  2. Schedule Broadcasts on Facebook Live and Instagram: Use Selmo to organize live broadcasts, which are a key component of your social commerce strategy.
  3. Promote Broadcasts: Actively promote your live shoppings sessions on Facebook and Instagram to increase reach and engagement.
  4. Executing Live Sales: Use Selmo to manage your live sales, increasing the effectiveness of your Facebook Live and Instagram broadcasts.


Using Selmo for live sales on Facebook and Instagram is crucial for companies looking to maximize their ecommerce results. The tool not only simplifies the live sales process, but also integrates live shopping into the broad social commerce ecosystem, opening up new opportunities for brands and online stores. Start using Selmo today to turn your live broadcasts into an effective sales tool, strengthening your presence in the ecommerce world.

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