Live Shopping on Facebook and Instagram: How to Increase Sales with Selmo


Live Shopping on Facebook and Instagram: How to Increase Sales with Selmo


Introduction to Live Shopping on Facebook and Instagram

In today's e-commerce world, live shopping on Facebook and live shopping on Instagram are revolutionizing the way brands interact with customers and increase their revenue. Selmo's platform is a key tool that helps maximize the potential of live sales, providing solutions from automation to personalized customer contact.

Understanding Live Shopping on Facebook

Live shopping on Facebook allows sellers to conduct live broadcasts during which they can showcase products, answer questions, and make sales in real time. It's a form of selling that attracts customers who want immediate answers to their shopping needs and prefer live brand interaction.

Benefits of Live Shopping on Instagram

Like Facebook, live shopping on Instagram offers a unique opportunity to sell products directly during live broadcasts. By integrating with Instagram Stories and IGTV, brands can effectively use their accounts to not only showcase products, but also to create deeper relationships with customers, which is invaluable for building loyalty and trust.

How Selmo Supports Live Shopping on Facebook and Instagram?


Integration with Messenger

Selmo integrates perfectly with Facebook Messenger, which is crucial for live shopping on Facebook. This allows sellers to not only answer questions in real time, but also automatically process orders and payments, significantly reducing the time it takes from interest to purchase.

Easy and Effective Sales Tools

While live shopping on Instagram, Selmo offers tools to easily manage orders and customers. Vendors can use predefined order forms that make it easy to quickly summarize and finalize transactions, which is important with a large audience.

Automation and Reporting

Selmo provides advanced automation options that come in handy during both live shopping on Facebook and on Instagram. Automation includes inventory management, order status updates and comprehensive reporting to optimize sales processes and better understand customer preferences.

Strategies for Maximizing Live Shopping Effectiveness


Interactivity and Engagement

Both live shopping on Facebook and live shopping on Instagram require a high level of interaction. Selmo helps build engagement through interactive chats, polls and quizzes that can be integrated during live broadcasts.

Using Analytics

With Selmo, merchants can analyze the results of their live shopping sessions, allowing them to tailor strategies and offers to consumer needs and behavior. Precise data analysis contributes to the effectiveness of future broadcasts.

Optimization For Mobile

Selmo ensures that all functionality is optimized for users using mobile devices. This is especially important since most Facebook and Instagram users access the platforms via smartphones.


Live shopping on Facebook and live shopping on Instagram represent a modern approach to e-commerce that can significantly increase sales and improve customer interaction. As a comprehensive platform, Selmo provides the tools and support needed to effectively implement live shopping. Start using Selmo to transform your sales strategies and achieve better results in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce.