Up to 800 comments and over 100 orders after each broadcast!


The bigger the boutique, the more chaos with orders — sounds familiar? We know how difficult it can be to manage a shop that generates huge revenue. The Scrilù boutique attracts over 8,000 viewers, 800 comments, and nearly 100 orders after every broadcast! If you like to have everything organized and are precise in your work, you know how much time it takes. Our Scrilu Boutique customer knows this problem inside out, but since finding Selmo she has managed to organize it wisely. Read this story to find out how our system helped her in her daily work.

Scrilù is an Italian boutique that sells handmade jewelry, handbags, and fashion accessories. The boutique also offers clothing from well-known brands, such as Guess or Michael Kors, in its offerings. Scrilù promotes his boutique with sales broadcasts, which he does 3-4 time a week.

What are the biggest difficulties you encounter in your daily work? Which activity takes up the most of your time?

"Summarizing all orders after sales transmissions. It takes me the most time, and it is difficult to navigate with such many orders and not confusing customer orders. Great difficulties with inventory management, and then remembering all the products booked by each customer, sending summaries and totals to each buyer."


What was the reason you decided to try Selmo? 

"For the ability to have everything organized in one place, to have all my customers' order histories under control, to catalog orders by customer number, and to trace any product back to a click." 


What has changed since you started using Selmo ? 

"Since we have known this platform and have been using it regularly in all our live shows, work has become much easier, we can respond faster to our customers because we have all the work systematized and organized on the platform. With one click, we access the platform and have control of the entire warehouse. Therefore, I highly recommend leaning on this platform and using it constantly. It has been a real discovery! ".

Would you recommend Selmo to other vendors? If yes, why? 

"Selmo has many useful features that simplify your daily work. It is a great platform, especially for those who use live-streaming. Everything is done in a very simple and, most importantly, fast way. It can save you a lot of time!"

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