Live commerce - what is the latest sales trend all about?


Live commerce is growing rapidly, becoming a revolutionary way to reach customers in the digital age. Why should you be interested in it? In the following text you will find the most important information about this sales channel 🚀.


Understand the phenomenon. What is live commerce?

This process combines the dynamics of online shopping with real-time interaction. When we talk about this form of sales, we mean a whole new dimension of e-commerce, which allows consumers not only to view products, but also to participate in discussions, ask questions and get immediate answers from the seller.

Self live commerce is also a response to the needs of the market, which is looking for more engaging forms of online shopping. In an era when online shopping has become the norm, customers expect more personalization and interactivity. Live commerce meets these expectations - offering a shopping experience that is more engaging than simply browsing in an online store.

Through live broadcasts, customers can share opinions, exchange experiences and make choices together, which is reminiscent of the atmosphere of shopping with friends in a physical store. 

Finally, live commerce is not only a new form of sales, but also a business strategy.For brands and retailers, it's a great opportunity to stand out from the competition, build deeper relationships with customers and increase their revenue.


Is live commerce difficult? Live commerce certainly requires a little more attention than inserting products into an online store catalog, but the potential results completely reward the effort. The gains will be even greater if you use simple and intuitive tools, such as the Selmo platform. With them, you will automate the ordering process during live commerce, allowing you to serve many more customers at the same time!


What to sell through live commerce? There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your industry and target market. From cosmetics to apparel to electronics, every category can benefit from the advantages of live commerce. For example, if you sell clothing, a live presentation will allow you to show how clothes look in motion. For beauty stores, it's an ideal opportunity to show product application on the skin.


Who is live commerce for? For customers who are familiar with using social media and streaming apps, live commerce offers an almost in-store shopping experience. Not only can they view products live, but they can also participate in discussions, ask questions and receive immediate answers from salespeople. Small and medium-sized businesses, which often have limited promotional budgets, can find live commerce an excellent opportunity to stand out from the competition. Increasing sales through live commerce does not require a huge investment, and the potential reach and benefits can be significant.


For global brands that are already well established in the market, live commerce becomes another channel to gain new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones. Thanks to the possibilities offered by live streaming, they can organize promotional events, new product presentations or Q A sessions with customers from all over the world.


Live commerce is not only the future of e-commerce, but also a current tool that brings real benefits to both sellers and consumers. This innovative form of sales responds to current market needs, combining the best features of online shopping with real-time interaction. If you have not yet decided to implement live commerce in your business, now is the perfect time to start the digital revolution. You will definitely not regret this decision! 🤩

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