How to sell through posts?


Are you starting your Facebook sales journey, but you don’t know how to do it? This article explains how to sell in posts.



Selling through posts

This method allows for 24/7 sales. It will be great for your shop if you have many pieces of a specific product.

How does it look like in practice? 

You add a post to your Fanpage (we recommend posting a video as this is easier to present the product's properties, e.g. color or shape, in this way) presenting the product you want to sell. Clients can order it by writing a comment under your post or in a private message. Next, they enter required information and pay for the order. All you need to do is generate the labels (without data rewriting) and send the package.


How to automate posts sales? 

Post sales is a great way to increase your sales profits which, if automated properly, saves lots of time and effort.

Discover how sales automation can be simple!


How to automate post sales in Selmo?

  1. Add the product to the "Products" tab on Selmo.
  2. Publish a post on your Facebook page showcasing the product. Add the product code(s) in the description (e.g., for different colors).
  3. Ask clients to enter the code in the comment or send it via private message to your page. After leaving a comment, the client  receives a message with a summary containing the list of products in the cart and a button to proceed to the order. Upon clicking the button, the client provides all necessary details, selects the delivery method, and makes the payment, including through Stripe.
  4. What if all units of a particular product are already sold, but someone wants to buy it? No problem! When entering the code, such a client will be added to the waiting list, which you can check on the product's subpage. Additionally, you will see the people who have already made a purchase and have the product in their cart.
  5. Now, simply generate a courier label in Selmo (you can do it individually on the order subpage or collectively on the order list).
  6. Attach the label and send the package to the client. Once the client receives the order, its status will be updated to "fulfilled" in Selmo. Done! ☺️

PS. Do you want to change the word before the product code?  In Selmo, you can do it! You can place any word of your choice, e.g. your shop name, in front of the product code. Your clients will have to enter that name together with the code in the comment to order the product.



Post sales is a great way to automate sales as it will enable your customers to place orders actually any time, not only during the sales transmission. Video posts generate long reach which translate into sales well. 

Try Selmo completely free for 7 days and see how selling on Facebook can be easy. Visit and create an account today. Have a good sales!