Selmo platform guide: increase your e-commerce profits


In the digital age, where e-commerce (commerce) is constantly evolving, it is becoming crucial to use innovative ecommerce platforms and services to maximize profits and optimize the online sales process. Selmo, as a dedicated ecommerce platform, offers unique solutions that enable sellers on Facebook and Instagram to significantly increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts.


What makes Selmo unique?

Selmo is revolutionizing the approach to online sales by focusing on live streaming, posts and direct messages (DMs) on Facebook and Instagram. With this e-commerce platform, merchants can easily manage orders, create sales offers directly during live broadcasts, and automate sales processes, which is crucial for dynamic growth in the e-commerce world.

Easy integration and management

One of Selmo's main advantages is the ease of integration with the most popular social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram. This allows sellers to reach a wide audience by presenting their products in an attractive and engaging way. Selmo also streamlines the process of managing customer communication, which is invaluable in building lasting relationships and customer loyalty.

Automation for increased efficiency

Automation of sales processes is another aspect in which Selmo excels compared to other e-commerce platforms. The ability to automatically generate order summaries, labels and manage orders in real time significantly increases the efficiency of online sales, reducing the time needed to process individual orders and allowing sellers to focus on growing their business.

Benefits of using Selmo for e-commerce

  1. Increase reach and engagement: Selmo allows you to achieve greater visibility on social media, resulting in increased engagement with potential customers and increased sales.
  2. Optimize the sales process: With automation, salespeople can easily manage orders and communications with customers, greatly streamlining the entire sales process.
  3. Personalizing the offer: Selmo enables salespeople to customize offers based on customer needs and preferences, which is key to increasing conversions and building loyalty.
  4. Effective customer service: Automating communication and ordering processes allows for fast and efficient customer service, which is essential for maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

How to get started with Selmo?

Starting with Selmo is intuitive and requires no advanced technical knowledge. The key to success is to configure the Selmo platform according to your business needs, including integration with Facebook and Instagram. Next, it's a good idea to define sales goals and schedule live broadcasts that will attract attention and engage potential customers. Promoting these events on social media and engaging in dialogue with your audience during live broadcasts will increase the visibility of your products and services. In addition, Selmo offers tools to analyze sales performance, allowing you to continuously optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

Best practices for using Selmo

  1. Actively engage with viewers: During the live broadcast, ask questions, respond to comments and create an interactive atmosphere that encourages purchases.
  2. Use automation features: Automate processes such as creating orders or answering FAQs to improve customer service and sales.
  3. Regularly analyze results: Use the data and statistics available in Selmo to measure the effectiveness of your efforts and adjust your sales strategy.


Selmo offers powerful capabilities for e-commerce businesses, enabling them to leverage social media to maximize profits. With easy integration, process automation and effective management of customer communications, Selmo is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to sell effectively online. By getting started with Selmo, you can not only increase your profits, but also build a stronger relationship with your customers, which is crucial in today's competitive e-commerce environment.