How to sell on Instagram? The most effective methods for making an online shop successful


How to sell on Instagram? This question is being asked by many online business owners. Learn the most effective methods for making an online shop successful by diving into Instagram's world 🔥.


Why it's worth to sell on Instagram?

This social media platform has become a powerful marketing tool. With its help, you will reach the younger generation who actively use Instagram on a daily basis. Attractively prepared posts and Stories attract attention and increase user engagement. Instagram also allows you to build strong relationships with your customers, and with the option to comment and share, your boutique will gain more recognition. 

Whether your strategy is to sell in posts, on broadcasts, and whether you use Facebook — in Selmo all orders and messages will be visible in one panel. 

You can recognize them through the platform's logo and see which come from Messenger and which from Instagram. Your customers will get a summary on which platform they ordered on. Check out, how to start selling on Instagram together with Selmo.

Remember that Instagram is a sales channel that allows you to reach a whole new audience for whom interesting content matters. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the potential of this platform and make sure to show your boutique from a slightly different side than before.


How to sell products on Instagram?

Selling on Instagram is mainly based on visual aspects. That's why you should consider:

  • quality of photos—illuminate your photos with an additional lamp, or take photos in daylight to best present your products.
  • descriptions under posts—they should be short, but convey the main information. Hashtags will help promote the posts and make the content reach more people.
  • Instagram Stories - the "Swipe Up" function, will allow you to redirect clients immediately to the product page in your online store, which you will open in just a few seconds on Selmo - here you will learn how to add links to your Stories. 
  • sales broadcast facilities—make sure you have a properly prepared room to showcase your products. This way you can show your unique style, clothes on hangers, or, for example, a shop's banner in the background. 


How much does it cost to run a store on Instagram?

The very process of adding products and selling them on Instagram is free. So how to get started? Just follow our instructions and check out, how to connect your Facebook Fanpage account ☺️

If you are already selling on Facebook, we have great news for you! You don't need to set up a new account or learn additional features, everything works the same as before. What's more, adding a new platform is completely free. If you launch it in Selmo, you won't pay anything for it. You have it in the price of your current plan ☺️

Starting your store and promoting it on Instagram, will allow you to sell even more than before! Your clients' orders will merge into a single shopping cart, whether they order something through Facebook likes, from a post on Instagram, or select something from the store. Additionally, you will very easily display products that have been returned, giving your clients the opportunity to make a quick purchase. They will also be able to search for products much more easily than, for example, in Facebook posts.


Live broadcasts on Instagram

In addition to traditional methods of promotion, live sales are becoming increasingly popular. Live broadcasts are not only a good tool for contacting customers, but also a very effective sales platform. 

During such a broadcast, you can present products in real time, showing their details, features, or even benefits. Thanks to the interactivity of live broadcasts, you can also answer viewers' questions in real time. This will help to dispel their doubts and gather valuable feedback.

A great option is also to run your likes in two places at the same time—on Facebook and Instagram. You will reach more clients, and all messages or comments, will show up in your seller panel on Selmo. You no longer need to check Facebook and Instagram separately! 

Image showing how to create orders during the broadcast on Instagram

Remember, that when selling on Instagram, it is very important to take care of several aspects: from the quality of your photos, to the use of the features available on the platform. Success in online sales depends on constantly adapting to trends and clients needs. Instagram is a powerful sales tool, so it is worth taking full advantage of its potential. Now that you know how to do it, so it's time to act. Good luck! 🚀