Best practices to increase online reach on Instagram


How to reach new customers? Show up where they are actively looking for services - on Instagram! It attracts as many as 500 million users every day, generating as much as 58 times more interest than Facebook! Take advantage of Instagram's algorithm to build a loyal community interested in your products! Below you'll also find our tips for running an effective account on Instagram. Use them to get even more exposure for your brand!


What you need to know about Instagram's algorithm?

Instagram aims to hold users' attention for as long as possible. There is also a lot of information online about the algorithm, but it is worth verifying it. Draw on your own experience, trust your intuition, and above all, follow up-to-date tips from Instagram itself!


According to the platform, the key aspects affecting the reach of posts are:

Content type: whether the post is a photo or a video, and whether it is interesting to the audience. More likes and comments increase the chances of showing the content to a wider group. That's why it's a good idea to enable automatic replies on Instagram, so that no comment goes unanswered ☺️.

Account information: the more you interact with a given profile, the more Instagram promotes the content there. Remember that posts with more comments are more attractive, which influences more frequent promotion.

Active Audience: Instagram tailors content to user interests, selecting posts that appeal to them. Automation is great for increasing engagement, because all your audience has to do is type in a keyword.

Interactions between profile and users: the more active your followers are, the more willing Instagram is to show them the content of a given account, so you should bet on increasing engagement under posts. 


How to increase your reach on Instagram?

Take a closer look at hashtags. Recent reports indicate that the optimal number is not 30, but just 3 to 5, if you want to increase popularity. Find out which are the most popular in your industry and adapt them to your business/profile. Below you'll find more tips on how to use hashtags effectively.

Manage your publication frequency. There are opinions circulating online that in order not to die in the feed, it's a good idea to publish 1-2 photos a day, post between 5 and 30 sets on Instagram Stories and conduct at least one live broadcast. However, does such a strategy suit you? Remember that a valuable message is the most important thing for the viewer, and over-publishing may discourage them.

Actively follow your followers. Comment on their content, try to gain their sympathy, be inspiring or simply show your authenticity. However, avoid direct requests to watch in return - this approach may discourage them and have the opposite effect.

If your business is already hosted on Instagram, try to look at it from the customer's perspective. Ask yourself, what and where is your ideal customer looking for? What will grab his or her attention in the thicket of content offered by the algorithm? Focus on a strategy that focuses on the real needs and interests of your community.


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