How to Optimize Driving Live Sales on Facebook with Selmo


How to Optimize Live Selling on Facebook with Selmo



Facebook Live Selling is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and brands looking to increase their reach and sales online. Selmo is a platform that supports live sales by integrating with Facebook Messenger and enabling more efficient communication and management of post-broadcast sales processes. Understanding how to use Selmo to optimize live sales leads can significantly improve the results of your efforts.


1. Understanding Selmo's Capabilities

Selmo is a platform that transforms traditional live sales leads by integrating with Messenger. It allows you to not only broadcast live, but also manage customer interactions, orders, and post-sales processes in real time.

Key Features of Selmo:

• Comment Management: Automatically process comments during live broadcast as order forms.

• Post-Sales Processes: Automate customer data collection, transaction finalization, and shipping logistics.

• Messenger Integration: Communicate directly with customers via Messenger, increasing customer service efficiency and transaction speed.

2. Live Broadcast Planning

Optimal live selling starts with careful planning. Selmo offers tools to help you organize and automate your processes before, during and after a live broadcast.

How to Prepare a Successful Broadcast:

 • Define Sales Objectives: Define what you want to achieve with the live session (e.g., promoting a new collection, increasing engagement, direct sales).

• Plan Logistics: Determine what products will be presented, plan the interaction scenario and prepare answers to potential questions.

• Promote the Broadcast: Use Facebook tools to announce the upcoming broadcast, increasing potential reach and engagement.

3. Use Selmo Tools to Optimize Sales

Selmo allows you to do much more than just conduct live sales. Its functionalities can be used to fully optimize your sales process.

Sales Process Optimization:

• Order Automation: Use Selmo to automatically process orders coming from comments - the platform can identify comments as purchase orders.

• Effective Communication: Use Selmo's integrated Messenger to quickly contact customers, which is crucial for questions or problems.

• Delivery Management: Selmo can help organize shipping logistics, which is especially important with high sales volume.

4. Analysis and Strategy Alignment

Performance Monitoring:

• Performance Analysis: Selmo allows you to track the effectiveness of your sales and engagement, giving you insight into which elements of your broadcasts were most popular.

• Optimize Action: Based on the data collected, adjust your strategy for future broadcasts - experiment with format, offers and duration to maximize results.


Selmo offers powerful tools that can revolutionize the way you do Facebook Live sales. With advanced integration with social media platforms and sales process automation, Selmo is an invaluable ally in achieving better online sales results. Start using Selmo today to effectively and efficiently manage your sales broadcasts on Facebook.