From 5 minutes to just 1 second - the story of the Nasza Bajka boutique and its way of speeding things up


Can sales automation, affect more orders? What can you do to respond to your customers efficiently and quickly? How to avoid ordering mistakes and save time in the process? Find out our client's solution and how, thanks to full social media sales automation, he managed to overcome all these challenges! Read on to learn the story of the Nasza Bajka Boutique from Poland.


Boutique Nasza Bajka manufactures and sells children's clothing. For promotion, it mainly uses sales broadcasts, so that it reaches a wide audience and can better present its designs. In this way, it also ensures great contact with clients, even though sales are made online. 


Why did you decide to use Selmo?

"The automation process was our dream from the very beginning. At a certain point, we started to receive more and more orders and there were situations when we had to sit at work until 11:00 p.m. and send summaries to clients.

When we met with the guys from Selmo, after only 5 minutes, we knew that this is exactly what we needed. They presented us with all the features we'd been dreaming of: to have orders in one program, to have all the summaries sent to clients in one click, and even features like being able to inform the clients of a pending sales broadcast or a new post, it shocked us and made us very happy!"


How has Selmo affected your daily work?

"If it wasn't for the program, we would have had to hire at least one or even two more people for the activities we do after the broadcast is completed, i.e. sending summaries, or making corrections — often the summaries we previously wrote down on pieces of paper contained errors.

Thanks to Selmo, we were able to expand in the production and personalization of garments, because we found the time to do it. This wouldn't have been possible if the after-sales service wasn't so efficiently organized, because we would spend all day in orders. 

We also have control over all packages. We no longer have to physically sit in the shop and check whether someone has paid for it — all this, we have visible in the Selmo panel, so we can work comfortably from home ☺️."


What has changed since you started using Selmo?

"Time savings! I remember particular days of the week when we used to leave work at 11pm, and now we can finish our day at 5pm with a clear conscience. 
 The revelation for me is also the fast generation of labels. It literally takes us a second, we no longer spend 5 minutes on it as we did before. For boutiques that have larger or even smaller sales, this is first and foremost an order." 

Why use the Selmo system?

"Summaries come out in 3 seconds. Even while a transmission is in progress, you can already send summaries to customers. Sales labels are generated in a second. We have control over unpaid packages. The possibility to pay with BLIK or online transfer - all this, is visible in one system. 

One very important thing for me is that clients know Selmo. Wherever I shop or hit new boutiques, I see that many people are using this system. There is no problem that a new client comes to your boutique and doesn't know how to order. Clients are very familiar with the Selmo system from other broadcasts and you don't have to explain it to each person. The system is very simple, whether it's for salespeople or clients".


Can you imagine working today without Selmo?

"Well, no. I don't even know how we functioned before ☺️ . The whole program is great for us, it allowed us to save a lot of time, and... nerves! ☺️"


If you too face such inconveniences in your work on a daily basis, try Selmo. Sign up for a 7-day trial period, absolutely free. Check here and see how you can save more time.

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