Five reasons why it worth using Selmo


Live-stream sales on Facebook have recently become very popular among both sellers and consumers, who can learn more about the product they are interested in during such live streams. Selmo is a tool that supports both mentioned groups during live-stream sales. Why is it worth using our system? Discover the five reasons that make Selmo the best program for everyone using live streaming and selling their products in posts.


First reason: Time-saving

Virtually all of us complain about the lack of time and the excess of duties, especially in today's busy world. Selmo has decided to address this problem and has provided you with an extremely helpful tool for live-stream sales. 

Our system allows sellers to save a considerable amount of time they can spend on entirely different activities to great effect. Selmo enables them to send post-stream summaries to all customers with a single click – it means they don't have to do it manually. How does it work? Summaries are nothing more than messages on Messenger with a list of products in the basket, provided with a special "Go to the order" button. Having clicked this button, the customer completes the details, chooses a delivery method, and pays for their order. 

But it's not the end of it! Selmo also organizes data for shops. All live stream and post- sales orders are available in a single place, clearly divided according to their payment and shipping statuses.


Second reason: Multifunctionality

Running live-stream sales is more challenging than many of you might think. This type of streaming preoccupies salespeople to bits. However, Selmo is here to reduce their working time to a minimum. No more writing orders down on a piece of paper or in Excel - Selmo allows you to record orders and send summaries to customers. Our application provides comprehensive assistance in selling on Facebook. From collecting orders, sending lists with ordered products and calculated amounts, collecting customer data, and posting payments, to generating labels and completing orders.

It is also worth adding that Selmo has an open package feature that allows customers to pick orders for a longer time. Thanks to this, each person can decide whether they want the seller to send them the package at a given moment. If multiple orders are placed in a single shop, the customer will only pay for the delivery once, which will only happen when they request the shipping and thus close their basket.


Third reason: Clear look

The clear and legible look of the panel for both the shop owner and customers makes shopping a pleasure for both parties. In the Selmo application, all functions are clearly described, so there is no concern about mistakes or misunderstandings. And in the case of doubt, we are always at your service!


Fourth reason: Automatic generation of courier labels

In Selmo, you save time not only during live-stream sales but also after they have ended. Automatic generation of courier labels enables you complete orders extremely fast. Thanks to Selmo, you don't have to copy and paste customer details manually to generate a courier label. Integrations with InPost and allow you to create and print labels easily and immediately.

Moreover, throughout the order completion process, each customer is informed whether a shipment has been sent to them, and they receive a message on Messenger automatically with a link to track the package.

Fifth reason: Adapting to the customer

Selmo is a tool that does not force boutique customers to change their behaviour or ordering method. They can continue to order products in the same way as before. Selmo is "only" responsible for organizing the work, making all post- and live-stream-sales orders available in a single place without interfering with the company's policy.

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