Comprehensive Facebook Boutique Assistance: Use Selmo's Opportunities to Sell Live


Complete Facebook Boutique Assistance: Harness the Power of Selmo for Live Selling


In the context of booming online sales, boutiques are looking for effective tools to help them establish a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook. Selmo, as a boutique software, is revolutionizing the approach to live sales, offering features that greatly simplify and automate sales processes. Discover how Selmo can become a key help for your Facebook boutique.


Key Features of Selmo

Live Broadcast Management

Selmo streamlines live broadcasting, which is invaluable in increasing engagement and sales:

• Automate interactions: Selmo allows you to automatically respond to questions and comments during live, which allows you to maintain a high level of interaction without the need for manual supervision.

• Order management: Through integration with e-commerce systems, Selmo can automatically process orders placed by viewers during the broadcast.

• Data analysis: After the broadcast, Selmo provides detailed analytics to help understand viewer behavior and broadcast effectiveness.

Logistics Support

Selmo offers solutions to help manage the logistics of live product sales:

• Inventory Synchronization: Selmo automatically updates product availability in real time, minimizing the risk of selling out-of-stock products.

• Optimizing the shipping process: Selmo's integration with logistics service providers allows you to quickly generate shipping labels and efficiently manage deliveries.

Example Use of Selmo in a Boutique

Using Selmo in a boutique's daily operations can significantly improve sales efficiency. Here is an example of a live streaming plan:

Live Broadcast Plan

TimeActivitySelmo Tools
0-.5 minIntroduction and welcomeAutomatic start notifications
5-20 minProduct presentationProduct demonstrations, Answers to live questions
20-30 minQ& session;AInteractive chats, quick response to comments
30-40 minSpecial offers and promotionsAutomatic publishing of offers, order processing
40-45 minSummary and announcement of future sessionsScheduling of future broadcasts, Summary


Selmo provides a comprehensive solution that can serve as a one-stop shop for a Facebook boutique, especially in the context of live sales. With advanced automation, logistics management and data analysis features, Selmo allows boutiques to not only increase sales, but also optimize operations and build deeper relationships with customers. Use Selmo to transform the way you run your sales broadcasts, and enjoy better results through more efficient management.