How to effectively reach potential clients?


Doing business and reaching clients is not an easy task. How to attract them with a marketing strategy? That's what you'll learn in today's article — feel free to read! 😊


Why live selling?

Sales broadcasts are a trend that is gaining popularity. It's a relatively cheap and easy method of selling — it's also well received by Facebook's algorithm. As you're reading this, you're probably already running your store. How can you reach potential customers and generate more sales?


Create a content plan and ensure regularity!

At the core of any strategy is systematicity. Focus on making sure that you carry out layouts at a consistent time. With regularity, you will gain trust and better introduce customers to your products.

Facebook ranks content based on viewer engagement. The more engaged the audience is during a broadcast, the more exposure it gets. Finding the appropriate time to conduct a broadcast live on Facebook can improve your fanpage's reach and thus increase your sales. Wondering what time is best to make a live broadcast? In one of our recent articles, we mentioned that based on our analysis:

  • - Most sales occur from Tuesday to Thursday
  • - Stores are most likely to create broadcasts between 5pm and 8pm
  • - Fridays and Saturdays see a significant drop in sales (2x less)


Take advantage of Facebook groups

Facebook's groups are often underestimated. Each group is a mini-community where everyone has specific interests.

If this is your first steps in marketing, focus on engaging members of groups that already exist. However, once you've gathered experience, you can think about creating your own group, with which you will regularly maintain relationships and encourage purchases.

How to engage your audience on groups?

The first steps in marketing on Facebook groups may seem intimidating. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here's how you can make group members appreciate the content you create:


Keep in touch

Respond to comments under your posts, and comment on others' posts and videos. Be an active member of the group before you expect others to engage. Tip: use humor to make them remember you. Nothing engages like a good joke!


Create surveys, quizzes and ask questions

Let group members have a little fun! Create a rebus related to the item you want to sell, or prepare an interesting puzzle. You can offer a rebate or prize to the first person who gives the correct answer to your question — then you will definitely attract more people to your content.



Do you sell women's clothes? Handbags? Or maybe shoes? No matter what you sell, you can educate your audience about topics related to the goods you sell. Write a post about how to size a handbag, or how to choose the right shoes for different occasions. Record a video or start a broadcast during which you explain how to put together sets of clothes, or match cosmetics to different skin types. This way,you show yourself from the side of an expert, who can be trusted.


Don't spam

No one likes spam. Don't flood the group with content that doesn't benefit you or other group members. By spamming, you risk negative perception of your store and losing potential customers. When creating posts, videos, or quizzes, consider whether it is interesting and/or useful from your customer's perspective.


Surprise your customers

Surprise your customers by adding something from yourself to the packages you send. This could be a handwritten thank-you note for their purchase, a set of stickers with your logo, candy or another small gift. This will make your customers feel appreciated and eager to return for more products. The purpose of this surprise doesn't have to be solely to create positive impressions in the customer. You can use it to induce customers to perform certain behaviors, such as leaving reviews on your Facebook page, commenting on posts, or sharing your broadcasts.


Take advantage of Messenger

Not using Messenger yet? It's about time! It's a great free tool that allows you to collect orders and keep in touch with your customers.

Our platform allows you to, among other things, send notifications on Messenger to your customers, so they won't miss your likes or sales posts!

How does it work?

  1. 1. Please your customers to write "selmo subscribe" in a private message,
  2. 2. Go to the "Customers" tab on Selmo, then click "Subscribed",
  3. 3. Click the blue "Send Notifications" button, then enter the content of the message and optionally paste the link.
  4. 4. After sending notifications, each customer will receive your message on Messenger... and you're done! Isn't it easy?


Turn the broadcast into a fun

Maintaining engagement during the broadcast is also very important — you probably don't want the potential customers watching you to flee after the first few minutes? Use gamification elements during the broadcast (as well as afterward). Make participating in your live event seem like fun — then your audience will definitely want to show up for the next one! Consider running a rankings or points system for regular purchases from your store. How about a quiz in the middle of the broadcast that ties in thematically with the product you're about to show? A wheel of fortune could also prove interesting to your viewers!

Advertise on Facebook!

Facebook ads are an additional way to promote yourself. They allow you to reach current and potential customers. You can promote your sales posts, for example, and increase your company's sales in the same way.


Marketing plays a key role in sales. Not only does it make it easier to reach new customers (if conducted head-on), but it also helps build loyalty with current customers. If you use our tips, generating sales will become easier. Try Selmo for free at the seven-day trial here:

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