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You send all summaries or cart statuses with one click
You write back to customers directly on Selmo, regardless of whether the messages come from Facebook or Instagram
You can notify customers on Messenger about an upcoming broadcast or, for example, a new sales post
Open parcel function, the ability to pay for purchases in tranches, the customer can order on several transmissions and only later ask for shipping
You automatically create and generate labels, without having to rewrite the data manually
You create invoices or fiscal receipts that you can print right away
Your customers can pay using fast online payments, e.g. BLIK or Stripe
Integration with InPost, Van, Invoicing and much more
Combining customer baskets - regardless of where they place an order: on broadcast, in a post or via an online store, all ordered products fall into one basket
Customer database - you have all the data you need in one place
Access to sales statistics
You can easily control the quantity of products in the Warehouse
Clear history of customer orders directly in the conversation
You have access to customer balance
You automatically send messages with a link to track the package
Your customers receive order confirmation emails
You can sell your products on the platform
Customers are automatically added to the reserve list after signing up for a sold out product
Possibility to change the avatar and name of the client
You set discount codes and unique product codes
You create your own message templates
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