Live stream on FB

What is Facebook streaming all about?

Facebook live streams, Facebook streams or Facebook streaming - no matter the name, they refer to the same thing. These take place at virtually any time of the day or night. Facebook live streaming is growing in popularity and gaining a larger share of the sales market. Facebook is no longer just a social network, but a tool used by both larger and smaller companies to self-promote their services, products, as well as to sell directly through Facebook live streaming.


Facebook live stream - what is it?

Facebook live stream is a feature that allows users to broadcast content in real time through the Facebook social platform. With live stream, users can broadcast live events, share their experiences, have conversations, make presentations, give testimonials, showcase products or make live sales. Live stream on Facebook allows interaction with viewers through comments, likes and reactions on the fly, allowing direct communication and engagement with viewers during the broadcast event. Facebook live streams are popular in a variety of fields, such as entertainment, sports, education, business and more.


Live on FB, and real product sales 

Sporal numbers of e-commerce companies, choose to use live streaming as a main method of selling their products. There are a number of compelling reasons for doing so. One key factor is the ability to build a real-time relationship with customers. By answering questions and concerns, presenting products from all angles and communicating immediately. Vendors have a chance to stand out and build trust with their customers during the live broadcast. With all these advantages, customers who previously preferred traditional stationary stores can now experience the same thing in a much more convenient way, sitting on the couch in their home. 


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