Increase your profits with Stories IG: Discover the possibilities of integration with the Selmo platform


Increase your profits with Stories IG: Discover the possibilities of integrating with the Selmo platform


Introduction to IG Stories and their importance in digital marketing

Instagram Stories, also known as IG Stories, are one of the most dynamic tools in the arsenal of digital marketers. They allow users to post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, encouraging rapid user interaction. In this context, the Selmo platform is a key tool to maximize the sales potential offered by Instagram Stories.


How does Selmo integrate with Instagram Stories?

Selmo offers advanced solutions for marketers using Instagram Stories to promote and sell products. Selmo's integration with Instagram allows you to automate many processes, which is especially important for a dynamic environment like IG Stories. Here are the main features Selmo offers to Instagram users:

  1. Automatic Responses on Stories: Selmo enables automatic responses to user reactions on Stories, which helps to quickly engage customers and increase the efficiency of interactions.
  2. Order Management: Through Stories IG, potential customers can express interest in products. Selmo automatically collects such leads and helps convert them into actual transactions through an automated order management system.
  3. Fast Summaries and Payments: Selmo's platform provides tools to create quick order summaries that can be sent directly to customers via IG. This makes the payment process much faster and easier, which is important for short-lived Stories.
  4. Stories Effectiveness Analysis: Selmo also offers advanced analytics tools to track the effectiveness of individual Stories in terms of generating sales and engagement.

Benefits of Integrating Selmo with Instagram Stories

Integrating Selmo with IG Stories brings a number of benefits to sellers and marketers:

• Increase Engagement: Automating real-time interactions with users allows for ongoing increases in engagement, which is key to building customer relationships.

• Efficiency of Order Management: Real-time order management significantly speeds up the sales process, reducing the time it takes from interest to purchase.

• Improved Conversions: Rapid response to user interest and the ability to pay immediately significantly increases conversion rates.

• Improved Campaign ROI: Selmo enables a more precise analysis of the ROI of advertising campaigns on Instagram, which helps optimize future marketing efforts.

How to get started using Selmo for Stories IG?

Starting with Selmo is simple and intuitive. All you need to do is log in to the Selmo platform, configure the integration with Instagram and you can start automating your sales and marketing processes. Selmo also offers a free 15-minute presentation to give you a better understanding of all the features and benefits of integrating with Instagram Stories.


Stories IG is a powerful tool that, when combined with Selmo's capabilities, opens up new opportunities for merchants to increase profits and optimize marketing efforts. Whether you're a small entrepreneur or managing a larger online store, Selmo offers solutions to help you realize the full potential of Instagram Stories. Start using Selmo today to revolutionize your approach to sales and marketing on Instagram.