Facebook Automation - The Key to Your Online Boutique's Success


Facebook Automation - The Key to Your Online Boutique's Success


Develop your boutique with Selmo: your partner in Facebook automation

In today's fast-changing e-commerce world, Facebook automation is becoming an essential part of running a successful online boutique. Selmo's platform, with its advanced features, offers comprehensive support for the boutique, enabling sellers to maximize the effectiveness of their Facebook sales efforts. Discover how Selmo can be the key to your online boutique's success.

Boutique Automation: A Pass to Efficiency

Automating your sales processes with Selmo is a way to optimize your time and resources. With Facebook integration, Selmo enables live sales broadcasts, while automating the process of taking orders through comments and messages. This not only speeds up order processing, but also improves customer satisfaction by offering a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

Support for the Boutique: Selmo as sales support

The Selmo platform is more than just an automation tool. It is a support at every step of the sales process. From managing orders to communicating with customers to finalizing transactions, Selmo provides assistance to the boutique at every stage. By using modern solutions, sellers can focus on what matters most - growing their business.

Effective Facebook sales with Selmo

Selmo's Facebook automation opens up new possibilities for your boutique. Conducting live sales broadcasts becomes not only simpler, but also more efficient. Selmo allows you to easily manage customer interactions, automating processes that would traditionally require a lot of time and effort. It's the ideal solution for those who want to realize the potential of live sales, maximizing their profits.

Why is Selmo ideal for your boutique?

  • Save time: Automation of sales processes and communication with customers significantly reduces the time needed to process orders.
  • Increase sales: Efficient management of live broadcasts and orders leads to higher conversions and increased sales.
  • Improving customer experience: Quick response to inquiries and automated order processing improves customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to use: Selmo is easy to use, requiring no installation of additional software or advanced technical knowledge.


Facebook automation with Selmo is a future-proof solution that allows online stores to effectively manage sales and customer communication. Whether you're just getting started in e-commerce or you're already an experienced retailer, Selmo offers tools to help you grow your online boutique and succeed in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce. Make your boutique flourish through the power of automation with Selmo.