How to Increase Facebook Sales with Live Sales Broadcasts?


How to Increase Facebook Sales with Live Sales Broadcasts from Selmo?


In the era of market digitization, increasing Facebook sales is a key goal for many entrepreneurs. The live sales broadcasts offered by the Selmo platform allow not only real-time interaction, but also effective management of the sales process, resulting in higher financial results. Here are strategies to help you maximize the potential of live broadcasts.



Scheduling Live Broadcasts with Selmo


Setting Goals

The first step to successful sales is defining broadcast goals. Selmo allows you to easily manage your goals so that each transmission is precisely tailored to your business needs.

Scheduling Transmissions

Regularity and predictability of transmissions increase trust and build a loyal community. Selmo offers scheduling and automation tools to help you maintain a regular broadcast schedule.


Purpose of transmissionExample activitiesDurationFrequency
New product promotionUtility demonstration, Timed promotions30 minWeekly
Customer interactionQ& session;A, reactions to comments15 minTwo times a week
Seasonal salesProduct presentations, special discount codes45 minMonthly



Promoting the Broadcast


Using Social Media

Active promotion of the upcoming broadcast on all social media channels is key to increasing sales on Facebook. Selmo integrates with platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, extending the reach of the promotion.

Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of a broadcast. Selmo helps you identify and collaborate with influencers who best fit your brand profile.

Optimize Live Broadcasts


Interaction with Viewers

Selmo offers advanced viewer interaction tools such as live polls, chats and reactions that increase engagement and sales potential.

Data Analytics

After each broadcast, Selmo provides detailed analytics and statistics that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and further optimize your processes.


With Selmo, increasing sales on Facebook becomes more affordable and effective. The platform not only makes it easy to manage live broadcasts, but also offers comprehensive tools for analytics, customer interaction and sales process automation. Harness the potential of Selmo to turn your live broadcasts into a powerful sales tool that will make a real difference to your company's bottom line.