Forget about marking up orders in a notebook and automate the sale in a few simple steps


How can you make sales more efficient when you have tons of products and huge volumes of orders? Anyone who runs a haberdashery knows how big the challenge is. The process of manually entering every product into the system, counting individual items for every client, and then sending summaries to them is a very tedious and laborious task. This article will give you an insight into how one of our clients completely automated their work by forgetting to manually enter orders.


Le Follette Creative is an  Italian haberdashery shop has grown in the last 3 years and needs help managing its orders. Ms. Susy promotes her products on Facebook in both direct and sales posts.


What are the biggest difficulties you encounter in your daily work?

“Before I started using Selmo, I had to write down all the orders from comments in a notebook and ask another person for help with each order. Then add up each client's cart and transcribe it, so that I can send the summary via WhatsApp. Due to the large number of products in the haberdashery, I always had to spend a long time, even too much time”.


Has the same activity that used to take you so much time become more manageable thanks to Selmo?

"Absolutely! The fact that I am able to manage directly without the help of others is incredible for me. Also, I have created a warehouse for my products, and I can constantly monitor the quantities of my items. Thanks to Selmo, I have also started selling in posts with codes, which is bringing me even more orders-I am so happy about that!"


How has Selmo helped you?

“From now on, I won't be required to enter orders manually during live and I can also handle all the work done during Facebook Live directly”.


Why would you recommend Selmo?

"Because it makes work easier and faster… in short, it's an unbelievable solution, super easy to use and really affordable for everyone. It's worth trying it out and seeing how much you can make. I didn't believe it either until I tried it for the first time and fell in love with it! "


If you want to change sales in your store, this is the perfect opportunity! Our live-selling expert will explain all the features and their possibilities during a seven-day trial. Try Selmo completely for free here and enjoy more free time! 🙂 

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