Check out how boutique Flore Tailles Gourmandes uses live sales to build an engaged community


Are you managing a small boutique, but not sure if Selmo is suitable for you? Our client Flore Tailles Gourmandes is an excellent example, demonstrating that the size of the boutiques doesn't matter, as Selmo's features are suitable for boutiques of all sizes. Read the story of Flore Tailles Gourmandes to discover all benefits and get to know how to target a specific group of clients 🙂.


Flore Tailles Gourmandes is a women's clothing boutique based in Marseille. Operating under the banner of body positivity, it promotes the well-being of women wearing plus-size clothing (sizes 42-62 and beyond!) to help them feel comfortable and beautiful. The Flore Tailles Gourmandes boutique promotes its products through posts on Facebook and Instagram and in-store sales events. By showcasing clothing online, it invites potential clients to visit the store for an even richer experience.


What are the most significant challenges you face in your daily work? Which task consumes the most of your time?

“Most of my time is dedicated to sending summaries to customers and sorting orders. It often happens that we can't manage to record orders and address all customer inquiries simultaneously during in-store events”.

What was the reason you decided to try Selmo?

"To be honest, I wanted to try the system out of pure curiosity and see if all the features the consultant presented to me, would actually prove useful. I must say I wasn't disappointed! 🙂"


How has the Selmo system assisted you in your daily work?

“Orders are clear, clients are well-guided during live sessions, summaries are sent automatically – all that's left is to prepare the orders! Selmo provides an overview we don't have with a traditional method; everything is streamlined, no room for error.”

Would you recommend Selmo to other sellers?

“Absolutely, I would! Mainly because it's incredibly intelligent and user-friendly, saving me a lot of time and helping me establish better relationships with my customers.”


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