Is Facebook blocking sales broadcasts?


Does Facebook block sales broadcasts? Understanding this is important for anyone who wants to sell effectively on social media. Learn more about it below.


When can Facebook block a sales stream?

Facebook can block a sales broadcast for several reasons:

-  violation of community standards - any content that violates Facebook's rules can be removed. These include, but are not limited to: promoting violence, hate speech, misinformation, adult material, and other prohibited content;

- copyright - if you use copyrighted material in your broadcast, such as music, videos, images, etc.., without the appropriate license or permission of the rights holder, your broadcast may be blocked;

- spam and over-promotion - if your broadcast is over-promotional, repetitive or considered spam, it may be blocked;

- fake news and misinformation - if your broadcast spreads information that independent verifiers working for Facebook deem to be false, it may result in restrictions being imposed;

- inappropriate behavior during a broadcast - if you behave inappropriately during a live broadcast, use offensive language, encourage activities that violate Facebook's rules, or are aggressive toward your viewers, the broadcast may be delayed;

- sale of prohibited goods - the broadcast will be blocked if you attempt to sell goods such as drugs, weapons, ammunition, explosives, stolen goods or body parts (e.g. organs).


What can you do if your stream is blocked?

Even if you follow all the rules, there is a risk that your stream will be blocked. What then? First of all, check the cause of the blockage. If it is a platform error, and you have not violated at any point of the rules, you can appeal the decision. You can also look for alternatives - if you can't use the Facebook broadcast, consider other channels, such as YouTube or Instagram.


Basic tools for sales broadcasts

If you want to run effective sales broadcasts, it's a good idea to get the right tools:

- analyze your results - use Facebook's analytics tools to learn about your audience's behavior and adjust your content;

- try the Selmo platform - this solution offers several tools for optimizing sales broadcasts to help you avoid blocking problems.

You already know if Facebook is blocking sales broadcasts. Remember that the key to using this form of e-commerce is authenticity, knowledge of the platform's rules and flexibility of operation. Using the tools offered by Selmo, you will not only avoid blocking issues, but also optimize your sales strategy to attract more engaged viewers. Join the ranks of sales broadcast specialists and realize the full potential of Facebook for your business.


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