How to use discount codes in your boutique?


Sellers are always looking for new ways to encourage people to buy their products. One of them is to use discount codes—but how to do it wisely? That's what you'll learn in today's article!


What are discount codes?

By general definition, discount codes are strings of letters, numbers and/or characters that entitle you to purchase products under special conditions. But they don't have to apply only to products. You can also create a discount code for free delivery or even for a consultation with you (if, in addition to products, you offer, for example, help in choosing the right cut of a dress).

How does a discount code affect customer decisions?

Simply put: discounts and coupons encourage people to spend money. It works on both new potential clients and regulars in your Facebook store. A person who receives a discount on a product, even a small one, will be more likely to make a purchase—even if he or she was unsure of the decision before receiving the discount.

How to create a discount code in Selmo?

1. Open the “Discount Codes”

Log into your account on Selmo and go to Settings > Discount Codes

2. Add a discount code

Fill in the name of the code and set the discount. It can be a percentage discount or free delivery on your order. Below, you will see a list of discount codes you have already added (all codes you have created will appear on the list).

Note: discount codes only work for new orders!


  • Maintain a balance: there is a balance between retention rates and promotions. Make sure the proposed discount definitely fits into your promotional budget.
  • Focus on specific products. If you want to sell a product quickly, promo codes are a great tool for quick sales.
  • Convert people into regular customers. Promotional codes are a proven way to re-engage and build loyalty with clients you haven't seen in a while.


Discount codes are a very good sales tool—if you use them with care, your sales will absolutely increase and your circle of regular clients will grow 🚀.

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