How to Increase Sales on Facebook: Effective Strategies for Facebook Lives


How to Increase Sales on Facebook: Effective Strategies for Facebook Lives

Today, with e-commerce dominating the retail space, selling on Facebook is a key part of many companies' marketing strategy. Facebook live, in particular, opens up new opportunities for brands, allowing direct contact with customers and the presentation of products in real time. The introduction of tools such as Selmo, which support live sales, significantly impacts the effectiveness of these activities. In this article, we'll outline proven strategies to help increase Facebook sales through the effective use of live broadcasts.


Start with Planning

A key aspect of effective Facebook likes is careful planning. Before you start broadcasting, make sure you have a clearly defined goal (e.g., new product promotion, end-of-collection sale) and an understanding of your target audience. Selmo offers tools to help you organize and manage your sales broadcasts, which is an invaluable aid in this phase.

Use the Power of Storytelling

People love stories. When you live on Facebook, don't limit yourself to dry product presentations. Tell stories related to your brand, product, or even customers who have had the opportunity to use your services. This builds an emotional connection and encourages interaction, which Selmo facilitates by communicating directly with viewers via Messenger.

Interact with Live Viewers

A key element to successful sales on Facebook is interaction with viewers. Ask questions, respond to live comments, and encourage them to leave feedback. Tools such as Selmo make it easier to manage these interactions, allowing you to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Show Product in Action

Visualization is extremely important. Showing products "in action" while live on Facebook allows potential customers to better understand how they can use them. Live demos, demonstrations of capabilities, and showcasing a variety of product applications increase their appeal.

Use Special Offers and Promotions

Special offers, promotions, or exclusive discounts made available only during live broadcasts are a great way to increase sales. Selmo allows you to easily manage your offers and promotions, allowing you to quickly respond to your customers' needs and adapt your offers in real time.

Optimizing After the Broadcast

After the Facebook Live is over, the work doesn't stop. Use Selmo to analyze the results, interactions and feedback you've received from viewers. This is a valuable resource that will allow you to better understand your customers' needs and optimize future broadcasts.

Integrate with Selmo to Maximize Results

Integrating with a tool like Selmo can make it much easier to manage the sales process during a Facebook live broadcast. By automating many processes, such as collecting shipping data, processing payments and generating shipping labels, Selmo makes the sale smoother and less stressful for both seller and buyer.


Selling on Facebook through live broadcasts opens up new opportunities for sellers to reach customers and increase sales. The key to success, however, is not only the broadcast itself, but also the use of the right tools and strategies to help maximize the effects of these activities. Selmo is an example of a tool that can support brands in effectively managing Facebook likes, helping to increase sales and improve customer relations. Remember that the key to success is not only technology, but also authenticity, interaction and continuous optimization of activities.

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