How to build better relationships through Instagram?


In today's digital world, building an engaged community on Instagram is key to the success of any business. This platform not only allows you to promote your products or services, but also to create authentic relationships with your customers. If you're wondering how to achieve this, it's worth applying some effective strategies that will make your profile a place where observers are eager to return. Below you'll find practical step-by-step examples that will help you build a strong community on Instagram and stand out in the crowd. 


Regularly publish valuable content

Provide content that is interesting, inspiring or entertaining to your target audience. Maintain a regular publishing schedule to maintain interest. If you're a fashion designer, you can publish daily looks, tips on fashion trends, and behind the scenes of the design process.


Build a consistent profile aesthetic

Create an aesthetic that reflects your brand identity. Visual consistency makes your profile recognizable and attractive to observers. Maintain a consistent color scheme and graphic style in your posts, which makes your profile aesthetically pleasing. For example, use similar filters for photos.

Use relevant hashtags

Add relevant hashtags to posts to increase your account's visibility. Choose popular hashtags related to your industry, but also those specific to your community. If you run a coffee shop, use hashtags such as #CoffeeLovers, #CafeLife to reach people interested in coffee.


Involve yourself in conversations with observers

Respond to comments, pose questions in captions, conduct polls in stories. The more interactive your profile is, the greater the community engagement. Put questions in photo descriptions, answer comments, and you can even host a poll asking about taste or fashion preferences.


Collaborate with other users

Establish relationships with other users by collaborating and tagging them in posts. This helps build relationships and attract new followers. For example, you can collaborate with other brands or influencers on a contest by asking them to tag their friends in comments in exchange for a chance to win.


Organize contests and challenges

Encourage participation in contests or challenges by rewarding community engagement. This is a great way to engage observers and increase your reach. Example: Create a challenge related to your industry, such as "Fashion Inspiration Week," encouraging observers to tag their styles.


Stake out Instagram Stories and Reels

Use Instagram Stories and Reels to provide quick, creative content. It's a great way to keep the community's attention. Share short videos daily or create fun reels showcasing new products, or services.


Provide value through education

Share educational information related to your industry. By doing so, you will create a community interested in gaining new knowledge. If you're running a clothing store, short video tutorials or infographics, such as showing how to style clothes depending on the occasion, will work well here.


Remember that building an engaged community is a process that takes time and consistency. Providing value and interacting with your observers on a regular basis is key to success on Instagram. You can also very easily automate responses on Instagram that will make you increase the reach of your profile. The Selmo platform allows you to do this literally in minutes, without having to learn complicated programs - try it for free for 7 days 🤩.