How to automate sales without using inventory?


Do you sell during live streams but don’t have a continuous series of products? 🤔 You don't have to keep stock to organize your sales and save time. 🤩  This article explains how to do it!


How to sell without using inventory?

Adding products and their quantities can be burdensome and takes a lot of time, especially if you don't have a repetitive series of products in your shop. Fortunately, in Selmo, you can do without it!

How to do it?

✅ Create a new live stream in the “Transmissions" tab in Selmo
✅ Enter the name of the product you are currently presenting during the live stream
✅ Click the comments icon, hover over the profile pictures of the customers who are interested in buying, and click the plus icon
✅ Now, just create orders for the customers and send them summaries



This way, you can automate your sales without the need to use inventory. Thanks to this, you save time and energy that you need during your live stream!

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