How do you conquer the online market by running sales funnels on social media?


How to do live sales well in the online world? Here's a comprehensive approach to an effective presentation that will attract new customers. Find out why you should bet on live commerce!


How to prepare for a live sales event?

You should start with proper preparation and planning. The first step is to define the main purpose of the broadcast. It can be a presentation of a new product, where you want to show its features and benefits. You can also focus on a Q&A session, during which you will answer customer questions. This allows you to build rapport and trust with your audience.

The stated goal must be clear and specific. Remember that a good strategy and a clear plan of action is half the battle. This will allow you to properly organize the broadcast and tailor it to your audience's expectations.


Where to broadcast online?

The market offers many tools for live broadcasting, but the key is to choose the one that best suits your expectations. If you are wondering how to do live broadcasts on Facebook, see our guide. It's also worth exploring the capabilities of another giant platform such as Instagram

Facebook offers a set of tools in Business Manager that allow you not only to do a broadcast, but also to analyze its effectiveness and audience interaction. On the other hand, Instagram, which is part of the Facebook family, has a dedicated tool for live broadcasting - Instagram Live. With it, you can easily interact with the community, responding to comments in real time and even inviting guests to your broadcast. 

If you're a beginner, set small goals. Start with short sessions, showcasing one product. This will help you learn the mechanics of live and understand what the audience's expectations are.


How to start selling on broadcasts?

Set yourself small goals, start with short sessions, presenting one product. This will help you learn the mechanics of live and understand what the audience's expectations are. Plan interactions with the audience. How to conduct a sales live in an interesting way? Answer questions, hold contests and surveys. The more you engage the audience, the better results you will get. How to conduct sales during a live broadcast? Make sure you have special offers or promotions available only to viewers. An incentive in the form of a discount can turn a viewer into a buyer.

Remember, however, that real success is not in attracting viewers, but in selling a product or service! During the live show, you need to take care of the presentation and answering questions. So why not leave the sales handling to the Selmo platform? The tools provided will allow you to set up the buying process already during the live broadcast, without any intervention on your part! 


Develop your skills and improve your live broadcasts

As you continue your live broadcasting adventure, always strive for excellence. Analyze your broadcasts, gather feedback and adjust to the needs of your viewers. Regular training and workshops on presentation and communication techniques will help you improve your skills and increase your confidence in front of the camera. Promote your broadcasts on other platforms: use Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Create engaging posts before the broadcast, encourage participation through contests or special promotions. 

After a while, you can increase the frequency of your broadcasts. The more often you appear on viewers' screens, the more engaged they will be in their purchases! You can also introduce regular broadcast cycles, such as weekly Q&A (Q&A) or monthly news presentations, which will make scheduling easier and attract regular viewers.


Sales live (also known as live commerce) is a modern tool that has great potential in today's digital world. Proper preparation, understanding your audience's needs and continuous improvement are the keys to success in this field. Remember that the online world is constantly on the move, and technology and customer expectations are evolving. That's why it's important to stay up to date and constantly invest in developing your skills and broadcasting quality!

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