How to buy on transmissions? - A guide for modern consumers


How to buy on broadcasts? - A Guide for Modern Consumers

Buying on live broadcasts is becoming increasingly popular, offering customers the opportunity to interact with vendors and view products in real time. This modern way of shopping allows for a more engaging and interactive experience. In this article, you'll learn how to buy on broadcasts, the benefits of this form of shopping, and how the Selmo platform can help you realize the full potential of live shopping.


What is shopping on broadcasts?

Buying on broadcasts, also known as live shopping, involves buying products during live broadcasts conducted by vendors. During such a broadcast, the vendor presents the products, demonstrates how they work, answers viewers' questions and offers special promotions. Thanks to interactivity, shopping on broadcasts allows customers to interact directly with the seller and better understand the products presented.

How to buy on broadcasts?

Find an interesting broadcast

To start buying on broadcasts, first find the broadcasts you are interested in on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or dedicated live shopping platforms like Selmo. Follow the pages and profiles of your favorite stores to stay up-to-date on upcoming broadcasts.

Prepare for broadcasts

Before starting a broadcast, make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid viewing issues. Log on to the platform where the broadcast is taking place and prepare to interact with the presenter and other viewers.

Participate actively

During the live broadcast, actively participate in the event. Ask questions, comment and react to the products presented. Vendors often answer questions from live viewers, allowing you to learn more about the product and better understand its features and benefits.

Take advantage of special offers

Live broadcasts often offer special promotions and discounts, available only during the broadcast. Be alert to such bargains and take advantage of them to save on your purchases. Vendors often announce limited offers that are only valid for a short period of time, encouraging you to make a quick purchase decision.

Make a purchase

When you decide to make a purchase, follow the instructions provided by the vendor. Depending on the platform, the purchase process may involve clicking a link to the online store, adding the product to your cart directly from the broadcast, or using the built-in shopping function. Be sure to enter the correct information to finalize the purchase.

Benefits of Transmission Shopping

Transmission shopping offers many benefits that make it an attractive option for today's consumers:


Transmission shopping is more interactive than traditional forms of e-commerce. The ability to ask questions and get immediate answers from the salesperson makes the buying process more personal and engaging.

Lower understanding of the product

With live broadcasts, you can see products in use, allowing you to better understand their features and benefits. Vendors often demonstrate products, showing how they work and their benefits, which helps you make an informed purchasing decision.

Special offers

Many live broadcasts offer exclusive promotions and discounts that are only available to viewers. This is a great opportunity to save on purchases and take advantage of limited offers.

Selmo - your partner for shopping on broadcasts

Selmo is an advanced live shopping platform that integrates with popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. With Selmo, you can enjoy high-quality live broadcasts, interactive features and a seamless shopping process. Here's how Selmo can make your shopping experience even better:

High-quality broadcasts

Selmo offers high-definition broadcasts for a professional look and clear images of products. This allows you to see exactly what you are buying, which increases trust in the seller and the product.

Interactive features

Selmo allows interactive features such as live comments, reactions and polls. This makes broadcasts more engaging and allows for better interaction with the vendor and other viewers.

A hassle-free shopping process

Selmo offers an integrated payment system that ensures a hassle-free and secure shopping process. This reduces the risk of abandoned shopping carts and increases overall shopping satisfaction.


Selmo shopping is an innovative and engaging form of online shopping that offers many benefits for both consumers and merchants. Thanks to interactivity, the ability to ask questions live and exclusive offers, broadcast shopping is becoming increasingly popular. As an advanced live shopping platform, Selmo helps maximize the potential of this form of selling by offering high-quality broadcasts, interactive features and a seamless shopping process. Sign up for Selmo today and discover how shopping on broadcasts can make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.