Your Help with Sales Broadcasts Lajw on Facebook or Instagram


Your Help with Sales Lajw Broadcasts on Facebook or Instagram

The modern e-commerce market requires businesses to constantly adapt to new technologies and trends in online sales. One key trend that is gaining popularity is live sales broadcasts, so-called "lajws," on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In this context, the Selmo tool is emerging as a valuable support, offering solutions to maximize the efficiency, convenience and reach of these events. Let's take a closer look at what Selmo is, how Selmo works, and Selmo pricing.


What is Selmo?

Selmo is an advanced platform specifically designed to optimize and automate the processes involved in driving online sales through live broadcasts. It offers a range of tools that help entrepreneurs efficiently organize layaways, manage orders, communicate with customers and analyze sales data. With Selmo, brands can significantly increase their sales while building strong relationships with their audiences.

How does Selmo work?

Selmo acts as a comprehensive support for companies and individual sellers who want to use the potential of live streaming to sell their products. Here are some of Selmo's key features:

- Order automation: Selmo enables the automatic collection of order data during a live broadcast, which significantly streamlines the sales process.

- Communication with customers: The platform offers tools to create personalized messages and automated responses to maintain high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.

- Analytics and reporting: Selmo provides valuable analytics data on viewer behavior and preferences to optimize future broadcasts and product offerings.

Selmo Pricing

Selmo offers various pricing packages to suit the needs and size of boutique operations. Selmo's pricing is flexible and has been designed so that any boutique, regardless of its budget, can take advantage of the advanced tools the platform offers. For details on packages and pricing, it's best to visit Selmo's website and pricing tab directly, where you'll find current offers and the ability to contact for a customized quote.


Selmo provides invaluable support for brands and entrepreneurs looking to leverage Facebook and Instagram sales likes to grow their online sales. With process automation, advanced data analytics and the ability to personalize customer communications, Selmo opens up new e-commerce opportunities for sellers. Interested users should take a look at Selmo's offerings to tailor the platform's capabilities to their specific business and maximize the effectiveness of their live sales broadcasts.

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