Live transmission

Live broadcasts - live clothing sales 

Related live broadcasts of clothing sales are gaining popularity at an express pace. While Facebook broadcasts are particularly well-known for these types of sales, there are many other options. With the platform, you can easily create your own live broadcast and sell clothes to customers from all over the country. Your broadcast can be promoted on the homepage in as many as two places, attracting the attention of potential customers who visit and learn that a live clothing sale broadcast is taking place. As a result, not only people who are interested in your specific offer can discover you, but also everyone who visits - that is, thousands of users who want to make purchases through the live broadcast.


Live clothing sales - from the customer's side

When a user enters, he will immediately notice that you are conducting a live broadcast during which you are selling your products. Without having to write comments, he can enter the broadcast and purchase the products you offer. The system is designed to make live broadcasting extremely easy for the customer. This allows you to conduct convenient and fast live clothing sales, staying in touch with your customers and offering them modern e-commerce solutions.


Traditional shopping versus live clothing sales

Customers who prefer to shop for clothes via live streaming often emphasize that they do not have time for traditional shopping methods. At the same time, however, they value the opportunity to browse through the clothes, as well as to immediately ask the salesperson questions about specific products. Although a similar experience can be achieved while watching a video presentation of clothes, customers want direct contact with the salesperson. It is the opportunity to talk to a person who sells clothes online and conducts live sales broadcasts on the Internet that distinguishes all such live sales broadcasts.


Online clothing sales - women's clothing

Women's clothing sales broadcasts are the most popular. It is women who most often become customers of online boutiques, so most of the products are aimed at them. Selling women's clothing online, therefore, you have a huge number of potential customers, and makes it easy to reach them and enable convenient and fast shopping. If you only conduct sales broadcasts on Facebook, you are limited to people who accidentally come across your broadcast. Users who are interested in live sales broadcasts show up on, and you can be visible in up to two places at once.