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Online boutique or online store?

To start using you just need to have your online boutique in the form of a fanpage where you sell products. If you additionally want to set up an online store, you can do so on our website. Increase the reach of your boutique and reach a wider audience using our system! Remember that by using you immediately reach a large number of interested parties who enter our platform to make purchases. You can focus on running your online boutique and selling products through live broadcasts. Keep in touch with your customers, share your experience with them and cultivate loyalty to your online boutique. Using the platform, you don't have to choose between a customer relationship and reaching a larger audience. - how to get started?

Fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss the details. Once you start live streaming, you'll be featured up to two spots on the homepage. This will ensure that your lays will be noticed by all visitors to our sales platform. mainly attracts users interested in shopping through online broadcasts and taking advantage of online store offers. Therefore, using you will reach a wide range of potential customers who are already ready to buy. You don't have to convince or encourage them to use this way of shopping, because they are already interested.


What's important, by running your online store and organizing broadcasts, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the maze of comments or missing the information about the desire to buy a particular product. At, the online shopping process is extremely intuitive and simple. The user selects the product you're listing and then can purchase it immediately. Other participants in the transmission receive a notification of the sale, along with the precise designation of the product.



How to effectively sell clothes via transmission?

To ensure professionalism and high quality of sales transmissions, it is important to focus on organizational issues, especially equipment. It is worth taking care to set up a tripod and a device that will record the transmission. A good smartphone with a front-facing camera will suffice. Before starting the broadcast, it is important to turn off all notifications, alarm clocks and other elements that may interfere with the transmission.


During the recording, you should be able to see both yourself and the comments of the observers, as well as the presented garment. The product should be visible in its entirety, including its details.

The second essential element is a stable Internet connection. The upload speed is also important, as the quality of the video and audio affect the length of time potential customers will watch the material. Sales broadcasts should be smooth in order to respond to customer interactions in real time.


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