How to organize sales wisely and fulfill more orders?


Wondering how to gain more time and better manage orders in your boutique? Or, how to  organize your work more efficiently and start processing more orders faster? Learn the recipe for success from one of our customers and how he achieved all these things!

ShopBazzar is a clothing and footwear boutique that uses Facebook and Instagram platforms to promote its products. It uses broadcasts and sales posts on a daily basis. ShopBazzar started working with us over a year ago. We wanted to find out how Selmo affected their work, so we decided to ask them a few questions.



What was the reason why you decided to try Selmo?

"At some point, the company's growth stopped and we had to think about how to make it speed up sales and what to do to make customers receive summaries much faster. And here, the Selmo system came out to meet our expectations.

A year ago, we met the Selmo company, which came to us and implemented the whole system, explaining how all the functions work. Incredibly, they helped us to increase our sales and gain more convenience."


Has the same activity that previously took you so much time become easier to manage thanks to Selmo?

"At one point, our company faced a big problem of how to respond and send summaries to customers quickly and efficiently. Previously, sending summaries took us many hours and several people had to do the job. And today, after the implementation of Selmo, it takes literally seconds and we do it through  one click."

Without which function, you can't imagine your current work?

"The function of displaying comments during sales transmission, this is a phenomenon! Thanks to this, we have all the comments visible on the computer and we don't have problems with searching. Previously, not all of them appeared on the phone. This is a feature that makes it much easier to sell, and customers are happier. 

Sales posts also give us the opportunity to grow and increase sales. At this point, we can't imagine the operation of our company without summaries. There are so many functions that it's hard to choose just one!"

Would you recommend Selmo to other sellers?

"Definitely yes! We have saved a lot of time and have been able to organize our daily work. Something also worth mentioning is the huge convenience that we no longer have to write down orders on the fly when running sales broadcasts."


If you also face such problems and inconveniences in your daily work, try Selmo. You can take advantage of a 7-day trial period, absolutely free. Check here and see how you can save more time.


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