How to Host a Live Broadcast from Your Phone: A Practical Guide from Selmo


How to Host a Live Broadcast from Your Phone: A Practical Guide from Selmo

In the age of social media, live broadcasts are gaining popularity, and Facebook live streaming from your phone provides the perfect opportunity to reach a wide audience in a direct and authentic way. With the Selmo platform, the process of organizing and managing a live broadcast from your phone becomes even simpler and more intuitive. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to successfully host a Facebook Live broadcast using your phone and the Selmo platform.


Step 1: Preparing for the Broadcast

Choosing Equipment: To do a Facebook Live broadcast from your phone, all you need is a smartphone with a good camera and a stable internet connection. Make sure your phone is fully charged or connected to a power source to avoid interrupting the broadcast due to battery drain.

Preparing the Scenario: Before you begin your transmission, it's a good idea to prepare a short script or list of topics you plan to discuss. This will keep your transmission smooth and organized.

Step 2: Setup with Selmo

Register with Selmo: Register with Selmo to take advantage of tools that will make managing your transmission easier. Selmo offers features such as automatic collection of viewer contact information, real-time order management and broadcast analytics.

Facebook Integration: Selmo allows for easy integration with your Facebook account. This allows you to manage your broadcast directly from the Selmo platform, greatly simplifying the process.

Step 3: Start Live Broadcast

Start Broadcast: To start a Facebook live broadcast from your phone, simply open the Facebook app, go to your profile or page where you want to broadcast, click "What's on your mind?" and select "Live video broadcast." Then, start the broadcast using the script you prepared in advance.

Attend to Audience Engagement: During the broadcast, try to interact with viewers. Respond to comments, ask questions and encourage engagement. Selmo can help you track interactions and manage orders that may arise during your broadcast.

Step 4: Analyze and Optimize

Use Selmo Analytics: After your broadcast, use the analytics tools offered by Selmo to analyze the reach, engagement and effectiveness of your broadcast. This data can be invaluable in planning future broadcasts and optimizing them.

Optimize Subsequent Broadcasts: Using feedback and analytics data, you can tailor your future broadcasts to be even more engaging and effective.


Facebook live broadcasting from your phone offers countless opportunities to reach your audience and build relationships with your viewers. With the Selmo platform, the entire process becomes simpler and more efficient, allowing entrepreneurs, content creators and brands to maximize the potential of their live broadcasts.