How to reach efficiently to prospective clients?

7 lipca 2023

Running your own business and reaching customers is not an easy task. How to win customers thanks to marketing strategies? You will learn that from this article. Enjoy your reading!

Why live sales?

Sales transmissions have been more and more popular. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy sales method. What is more, it is well received by a Facebook algorithm. If you are reading it, you have probably been running your shop. How can you reach prospective customers and generate higher sales?


Create your content plan and ensure regularity!

Consistent actions are the foundation of every strategy. Try to host lives at the same time. Thanks to this regular approach, you will win trust, and you will get your customers acquainted with the products better. Facebook classifies content based on audience’s involvement. The higher the viewers’ involvement during the transmission, the more it is displayed. Finding a suitable time to host your transmission live on Facebook may improve your fanpage reach and thus contribute to increasing your sales.


Don’t you know when it is best to host your live?

  • - One of our recent articles mentioned, based on our analyses, that:
  • - Most sales take place Tuesday to Thursday.
  • - Shops are most eager to host transmissions from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • - Friday and Saturday sales are significantly lower (twice lower).


Use Facebook groups

Facebook's groups are often undervalued. Each group is a mini-community where everyone has specific interests. If those are your first steps in marketing, focus on involving members of existing groups. Once you get some experience, you can think about creating your own group which you get in touch with regularly and which you encourage to buy.

How to involve recipients in groups?

The first steps in marketing in Facebook groups may seem frightening. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is how you can make group members appreciate your content.


Stay in touch

Respond to comments under your posts and comment others’ posts and videos. Before you start expecting other’s involvement, be an active group member. Tip: use humor to be remembered. There are hardly any equally involving things as a good joke!


Create surveys, quizzes and ask questions

Let the group members use their brains a bit! Create a puzzle relating to the item you want to sell, or prepare an interesting riddle. You can offer a discount or a prize for the first person who answers your question correctly, as this will attract much more people to your content.



Do you sell women’s clothes? Bags? Or perhaps footwear? Irrespective of what you sell, you may educate your audience relating to the goods you sell. Write a post on how to choose a bag size or suitable footwear for different occasions. Make a video or start a transmission where you explain how to pick clothes sets or choose suitable cosmetics for different skin types. Thanks to that, you become an expert who can be trusted.


Don’t spam

Nobody likes spam. Don't flood your group with content which is not beneficial for you or for any other group members. When spamming, you risk a negative perception of your shop and loss of prospective customers. Creating posts, videos or quizzes, think if they are interesting and/or useful from your customer’s perspective.

Surprise your customers

Surprise your customers, adding some extra products to the parcels you ship. This may be a handwritten thank-you notice for buying, a set of stickers with your logo, some sweets or a small gift. Thanks to that, your customers will feel appreciated and will be eager to return for other products. This surprise should serve solely to arouse positive emotions in your customer. You can use it to encourage customers to behave in a specific way, including leaving their feedback on your Facebook page, post commenting or sharing your transmissions.

Use Messenger opportunities

Haven’t you been using Messenger yet? It’s high time to start! This is a great free tool enabling to collect orders and keep in touch with customers. Our platform allows e.g. to send notices to your customers using Messenger, thanks to which they will not miss your live transmissions or sales posts!

How does it work?

  • - As your customers to write “selmo save” in a private message.
  • - Go to “Customers” tab on Selmo, and then click “Saved”.
  • - Click the blue “Send notifications” button and enter the message text. You might also paste a link.
  • - After the notifications are sent, each of your customers will get your message on Messenger. And that’s it! Simple, isn’t it?


Make your transmission enjoyable

Keeping your audience involved during the transmission is also highly important, as you don’t want your prospective buyers watching you to flee after a few initial seconds.

Use grivalisation components during the transmission (and after its ending). Ensure that the participation in your live feels pleasant — as this is when your audience will dream of attending another one! Consider having a ranking or score system for regular shopping in your shop. Or perhaps a quiz midway the transmission which is related to the product you are going to show in a while. The Wheel of Fortune may be found interesting by your audience!

Advertise yourself on Facebook!

Facebook ads are an extra way of promotion. Thanks to them, you can reach your existing and prospective customers. You can promote e.g. your sales posts and increase your company sales in this way.


Marketing plays a crucial role in sales. Not only does it make it easier to reach new customers (provided it is done wisely), but it also helps to build existing customers’ loyalty. If you follow our advice, it will be easier to generate sales. Good luck! Allow us to make your Facebook sales easier! Test Selmo7 days for free:

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