20% increase in boutique interest after Selmo implementation

28 lipca 2023

How to build recognition for your shop and maximize sales? Here's the story of an Infinik boutique that, since it implemented Selmo into its daily operations, has started saving time and increasing its client base! In this article, you'll read the amazing story. 

Boutique Infinik sells women's clothing, fashionable clothes and women's accessories. It offers sizes from 34 to 50 for women who want to feel beautiful in every way. She promotes her products on Facebook and Instagram sales funnels, all in a friendly atmosphere with a touch of good humor!

Which activity at work, is the most time-consuming for you?

“Sending summaries after a sales funnel is completed to all clients”.

What made you decide to try Selmo?

“I wanted to continue sending summaries to clients, while they took too much time and the whole process was very tiring. Therefore, I was looking for a solution on how I could simplify it”.

What effects do you see after implementing Selmo into your daily work? 

"Selmo has completely changed my life and my work! Before, I used to spend a minimum of 5 hours on the entire post-sales process, and now it's just 3 minutes and I send all the summaries with ease. I really don't know how I managed before without Selmo, where the full process was very long and complicated for me.
 Additionally, the layouts are very smooth, and I have 20% more followers than before — it's just amazing! Now I'm bored, because I have more time, I can relax and have clearer ideas for business development, and devote the extra time to family life ☺️".

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